Sell your Smartphones Online Guide

Smartphones have become the craze these days, we normally past people on a daily basis with their head down in their phone texting especially or playing games, watching videos, uploading pics etc. It is amazing how mobile phones have evolved over the years knowing back then telephones/mobile phones were only capable of making and receiving calls and in today's world, we can stay connected by any different means of social media in different country and region.

Wanna upgrade from an old phone

So, Apple might just release a new iPhone in their line of cellphones or you might just want to get a Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia anything of your preference but you might not have the available funds to cover the cost or you just simply want to upgrade to a newer version of phone, no worries Ebay makes it easy to get that phone off your hands. 

What you should know

Before deciding to sell your phone, one must know the value of their phone whether it is in new, like new, used, refurbished, not working but just for parts.
  • A phone is considered new if it is still in box with plastic and available accessories and has never been used.
  • A phone is considered like new if it has been used less often and it is in perfect condition
  • A phone is considered as used if you have been using it for several months and it is still in working condition.
  • A refurbished phone is considered as a used phone that has been sent back to the manufacturer or some local repair shop for repairs. Repairs can include a new housing installed, screen, batteries, camera etc.
  • A phone that is not working or just for parts can come in profitable also. When a phone is not working it can be used for repair parts, so instead of throwing away old phones, resell them.

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  1. We have never bought a phone off of ebay but it is something to look into as my son will be getting a phone soon.